Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meat Me at Nine

Okay, boys and girls. Listen up: I’m officially a Flashshooter.

What is a Flashshooter? I hear you ask. Let me explain. It’s someone whose fiction has been accepted for publication in Flashshot, an on-line magazine that provides the reader with daily doses of micro fiction.

For a story to qualify as micro fiction it has to be 100 words or less. And let me tell you, if you think writing a novel is hard, try coming up with a plot that you can resolve in as many words as it takes to write the accompanying bio.

It’s like creating an entire world inside a single drop of water.

One word of warning though; it can be quite addictive.

My first attempt at this is called “Meat Me at Nine”.

I’d like to tell you more about this piece, but I'm afraid the teaser would end up being longer than the story itself.

“Meat Me at Nine” will appear in Flashshot sometime in March 2010. You can keep an eye out for it by visiting Flashshot’s homepage:

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