Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stephen King’s Under the Tome — oops! I mean: Dome

I’m about a quarter of the way through Stevie’s latest phonebook, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Like many King fans, I counted down the minutes to Dome Day! And so far, I have to say, the Man has not disappointed. It’s written in that classic Stephen King style, and he even appears to take another subtle jab at Stephenie Meyer — or at least one of his cast of thousands does.

I attended a big-name bookshop at my local mall bright and early on 10 November 2009 only to be told by staff that while they had the book in crates out back, they weren’t allowed to put them on the shelves until 2pm (something to do with international time zones).

So I promptly went to a smaller bookshop in the same mall. The clerk — who looked as if it might have been her first day on the job — searched for the novel on computer, but it wasn’t showing up. I suggested that it could be out back, perhaps in boxes. She went to take a look.

Jackpot, baby!

When she returned she was holding a bright blue copy of the Big One. “You’re in luck,” she said. “These must have just come in. No one’s bothered to put them out yet.” I promptly shelled out the recommended retail price, feeling like I was paying for something a lot more illicit than a book not due to be released for a couple more hours, and fled the jurisdiction before the store manager started sniffing around.

I’m not proud of it. Still, can’t say I’m too ashamed, either. A fan’s gotta do what a fan’s gotta do, right?

I've posted a link below to an interview with the Man himself talking about his new book, which I found on YouTube — like he needs any more publicity! Still, thought you might find it interesting:

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