Thursday, May 5, 2016


The day has finally arrived, and I have my two contributor's copies in my hot little hands to prove it. 

Ah, there's nothing finer than the smell of freshly drying ink in the morning!

100 Lightnings has been officially launched in Adelaide on 1 April 2016 (yes, that's right, April Fool's Day - a tipping of the hat to the length of time this antho has been in the works) and is now hitting the book shelves. 

The cover looks awesome and the introduction by Stephen sets the scene and mood of the anthology perfectly.

The anthology features three short stories by Yours Truly and is available from Amazon among other book distributors.

So get yours hands on a copy, put on a steaming pot of coffee and find a nice quite nook to sit back and enjoy the great tales just waiting to give you a bit of a shiver and a thing or two to wonder about as you turn the pages. 

Better make sure you're under cover, though... 

There's a storm brewing and there's lightning on the horizon.

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