Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Dear All,

I'm pleased to announce that the NIGHT GYPSY: JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS anthology, co-authored by Yours Truly, is out now and available for purchase from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and a number of other booksellers, both in paperback and for Kindle.

Here is a link to the promotional trailer released by the publishers, Indie Gypsy:
Click on any of the links below to download or order a copy:
Care for a teaser?
The Milepost Motel - Reverend Bob returns to the scene of his crime and finds retribution of biblical proportions awaits.

2109 - After being put into a cryogenic tank, a man wakes up and finds out what will keep him alive forever. Will he find Utopia or Hell on Earth?

Fair's Fair - When Bella discovers the truth about the murder of her little brother years before, she sets out to even the score.

                                   This is a customer review from Amazon:

"When I started reading this book, I was not ready for shorts. Shorts is a term I use for short stories. I like my stories full length and full of girth. These bite sized stories delivered more than full sized fun any day hands down and I was shocked. I can't name one story that I didn't like. You won't be unhappy with your choice. However, there are a few stories that I need to see more of, I can't lie about that. Excellent job!"

                                               Thanks for supporting. 

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