Sunday, April 25, 2010


I happened to stumble across a review of Midnight Echo # 3 on by Jeff Ritchie, horror connoisseur and critic. It's the first I've been able to find on ME#3, which of course containts two of my flash pieces: Labour Pains and Dirty Laundry. As far as reviews go, ME#3 seemed to hold its own; here are some choice quotes from the review:

"...The real bonus with Issue 3 is an amazing twenty two stories contained within the pages. There seems to have been no set selection criteria, besides quality prose, for the stories and they range in length from some hard hittting flash pieces to a couple of fairly long stories..."

"...Rule of thumb I guess, the prose is pretty top notch so I guess the poetry is probably good as well..."

"...Naturally there were a few stories that stood out...Another flash piece, Labour Pains by Eugene Gramelis, caught me completely by surprise, didn't pick the ending there at all..."

A lot of the credit for this beautifully packaged publication goes to our editor Stephen Studach, and of coure the many writers and other contributors, who gave their heart and soul (some literally) for the greator good of the publicaiton. I tip my hat to them.

You can read the whole review at:

Scaryminds is a great site, full of articles, interviews, reviews and resources with a strong down-under theme. Check it out.

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