Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

It's almost April already, can you believe it? This year seems to be flying by. Maybe it's because I'm in my tumultuous mid-thirties now and it feels like my life is just whizzing past my eyes. A couple months back I tried to gently apply the brakes by taking some time out, during which I visited Featherdale Wildlife Park, near Blacktown, with my family and a friend I went to school with.
In the days leading to this excursion I had been reading about the alleged ghost sighting at Picton cemetery: a photo taken by a tourist had supposedly captured the image of two children who had died some 60 years apart playing among the headstones. I was sceptical about the picture. Someone's been mucking about with Print Shop, I thought. But, admittedly, I still found the story more than a little unsettling.
Anyways, while gawking at the diverse array of fauna on display at the park, I came across a trio of owls huddled together on a tree log. They looked pretty sinister and scary so I decided to snap off a pic or two for the blog. When I looked at one of the images on the camera there was a grey orb in the lower right-hand corner of the photo--faint but definately there.
Paranormal investigators have always associated orbs with ghosts. So what? I thought. Probably just a fluke--a dust particle, most likely.
I snapped off a couple more pics. And what should appear before my disbelieving eyes but more orbs. This time there was no mistaking it: there was a huge, bright one in the middle of the image and a couple of dazzling smaller ones floating around, as if to say, "No you weren't imagining things the first time, buddy, and it was no fluke, either!" What a freaky thing! My very own ghost sighting!
When I got back home I did a Google search to see if I could uncover a little history on the park, perhaps I would find something that would explain these mysterious orbs. There wasn't much. Thus ended my eventful detour from the hustle and bustle of the rat race.
Now, who else would I want to share this experience with, dear Reader, but you? Feast your orbs--I mean eyes!--on these critters:

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